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Computer Cooliee Syndrome

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The advent of technology has revolutionised our lives. A new job culture was created by the Call Centres and BPO business in the country with lage number of employees works fixed in front of the computers at odd hours. An estimated 650,000 people are working in call centres and BPOs in INDIA alone and the number is ever increasing. Also the IT and the IT Enabled Services are employing more and more people.

The common characteristics of all these jobs are the same. The cool Air conditioned cubicles, a warm coffee mug by the desk and weekend parties. The employees are mostly youngsters who are virtually yet teens out of schools and colleges eager to make a quick buck. They are well paid, offered lot of perks, and often have pick up and drop facilities.

These jobs are characterised by extended working hours, alternating day and night shifts, target oriented competitive works, and performance based appraisal and volatile job nature. This gives the employees time hardly to sleep, have their meals or interact with family or society. The physical activity is much reduced for them and are prone to smoking, drinking and even drugs.

All sum up for long term health problems. The clutches of disease slowly grips the oblivious youngsters working in call-centres, BPOS and IT corporates. Their performance is affected due to their sleep irregularity.

Computer Coolie Syndrome leads to :

High levels of stress & Irritability
Disturbed sleep & Insomnia
Loss of appetite and irregular bowel system
Enhances body resistance Impacts softness of leg & sole
Hearing problems
Pre-mature aging & Loss of hair
Coronary malfunctions, high blood pressure
Cervical to lumber spinal problems due to bad postures
Psychological disorders and lack of socialisation at family

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The package includes treatments like:


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