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Feeling sixty at thirty! Life today has forced you to outgrow yourself physically and mentally. The success in professional life, wealth and social status couples with a series of lifestyle disorders, high targets, stress, family problems etc. Gone are the youthful vibes and joyous moments. The mental lethargy and physical sluggishness have taken grip of your system.

All these tensions and over burdening are necessary evils without which one can hardly survive in this competitive world. The right solution is to find out a way of life where these factors do not affect your physical and mental well being. And more over if your health is good then your capacity to work will increase many fold.

The proper application of these therapies helps to reduce the biological ageing and increases working capability.

Treatment Details

The package includes treatments like:

The numerous benefits obtained by this therapy are

Removes stiffness
pain Calms the mind
Provide good sleep Makes body light
Enhances body resistance Impacts softness of leg & sole
Improves power of vision
Reduces inflammation of varicose veins
Helps proper function of the sense organs
Improves blood circulation
Relaxes the muscle & nerve fibers
promote hair growth

A baby smiles 16 times in one hour, how many times do you smile for a week? Due to heavy work load like business, target achievements in companies, driving, family problems, education of children etc makes our mind tensed and this situation are unavoidable in this present world. This situation leads to be like a 35 year old at the age of 25. In this situation, our relaxation therapies can help to reduce our tension, and it charms and thrills and makes more efficient.
We are giving different therapies like sirodhara with taila, kheera or thakra according to the condition of the particular case. Beside this padasubhakari can be given if the patient have disturbed sleep, dimness in vision, any muscle cramps, inflation of varicose veins etc. If the patient is di sturbed due to pain over the body or general weekness, we can give abhayanga, shashtika shali pinda sweda, sarvanga kheera dhara, nasya, nethra tharpana,khalanam etc. Course of package can be 3days, 5days,7days,14days & 21days according to the condition of the patient.

By giving this therapies, it helps to reduce the biological ageing, increases working capability, removes stiffness & pain, calms the mind, provide good sleep, makes body light & smooth, enhances body resistance, impacts softness of leg & sole, improves power of vision, reduces inflammation of varicose vains, helps proper function of the sense organs, improves blood circulation, relaxes the muscle & nerve fibres and also promote hair growth.


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I came here with bad condition one year back, after Dr Anish treatment i am fine. This year i have undergone 14days treatment doctor and therapists are very co-operative & good.

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